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About Us

In 1994 and against all the odds the day finally arrived when I got that most longed for and coveted promotion – yes, a junior managerial position in a bank!

No more wearing the standard blue uniform and itchy white shirts, but the chance to wear exactly what I wanted.

Oh the excitement on that first Sunday evening with that specially chosen outfit hanging in the wardrobe – by the Thursday night of the same week, cue the frustration of having quickly run out of suitably appropriate clothing for a 24-year-old woman in a traditionally male environment.

This led to many evenings and days of having the bed strewn with every conceivable clothing combination – some successful and others not so. The navy and cream tie with a white shirt with the largest cuffs ever seen is something that will be ingrained in my memory for life!

Fast forward 20 years and still working in a corporate environment…… has anything changed – sadly no!

So borne out of need and frustration that I’m sure you’ve all experienced, I decided to launch Working, a range of ladies corporate clothing options for professional ladies just like you based on the following core principles;

Ladies Corporate Clothing Is Our Passion

Welcome to the world of Working Wardrobe ladies where we have dedicated ourselves to designing and offering you the best in ladies corporate fashion from smart practical dresses, jackets and blouses to designer accessories we have it all covered. Our clothing is designed to be interchangeable, so that numerous outfits can be created from a few carefully selected core items. We want you to look your absolute best to give you the confidence to perform at the highest level.

Ladies corporate fashion, Be comfortable but conscious

If your office doesn’t have a strict dress code, or a dress code at all, you are lucky enough to wear clothes that make you feel comfortable. However, there are some unwritten rules you should keep in mind. If you have a corporate job and you socialise with many people (and potential clients) during the day, it’s always safe to wear something neutral that’s clean, polished and put together. Wearing your favourite pair of ripped jeans isn’t a good idea and will not make a good impression. Be aware that in some cases such as corporate meetings and presentations, you may need to wear a suit or dress up, therefore plan accordingly. The same applies for interviews. With our online haven of ladies corporate fashion, you’ll never run out of things to wear.

Welcome to the world of Working Wardrobe ladies!

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