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Working Wardrobe specialises in business clothes for ladies, suitable for the workplace. Ladies Corporate workwear is often challenging to find for stylish ladies, but we can offer you a selection of business wear for ladies which will see you through every work occasion. Whether its day to day office requirements or a special meeting or event when you want to feel your very best. We have a large selection of ladies work suits and ladies work dresses available in a range of sizes and colours . Fashionable working ladies join our family!

Ladies corporate fashion, the modern workplace has transformed. Nowadays, companies are less strict with dress codes allowing greater flexibility and freedom for employees. On the face of it, this seems great; forget all about the ‘serious’ suits and trips to the dry cleaners. However, the freedom to dress casually at work can actually make it more difficult to dress. Luckily, at Working Wardrobe we’ve got you covered. Whether you want to dress up or wear something more smart-casual, you can find a wide selection of ladies corporate fashion.

Ladies workwear, competing in a world traditionally dominated by men requires many essential skills, and knowing how to dress properly for each situation is one of them. From meetings with clients and investors to presentations and important events, the right attire – combined with the right attitude – can help you climb that ladder and establish yourself in your field.

In the modern workplace where casual wear is established day by day, it’s tricky to understand what you are expected to wear. At Working Wardrobe, you’ll find a wide range of stylish ladies workwear to suit all requirements; from dresses and shirts, to trousers and knitwear. Our ladies workwear is of the highest quality and is consistently sized, unlike most brands in the clothing industry. Plus, we offer a bespoke tailoring service to accommodate your exact fit and body shape.

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