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Ladies work suits

Ladies work suits are the cornerstone of every office. Explore power suits as part of your weekday wardrobe with brilliant options from our collection of ladies work suits. At working wardrobe we have perfectly tailored suits and trousers on offer in a variety of designs they offer a smart polished look giving off a confident competent vibe. Adopting a bold look and teaming it up with the right accessories will lift your 9-5 style.

At working wardrobe we understand that nice workwear is not made for a mannequin, and a human woman moves around a whole lot more than one. Which is why we build all of our ladies work suits around our 4 core principles:

  • Classic design pieces;
  • Interchangeable options;
  • Easy to care for items;
  • Durable and travel-friendly fabrics.

In order to choose your perfect ladies work suits you need to remember these 4 tips

ladies work suits

  1. Choose a colour scheme: this means choosing the main colour to go with every accessory.
  2. Consider your body shape, the cut of the suite might not look right on you, everyone is different and some cuts of clothes are more flattering then others.
  3. Consider your complexion, skin tone is vitally important when choosing base colours. Some colours aremore flattering than others just like fabric cuts for different body types there are recommended colours for different complexions.
  4. Choose classic shapes and patterns. We understand that patterns, shapes and colours go in and outoffashion however the idea is to choose simple (not boring) classic options that will stand the test of time.
  5. Choose high quality fabrics. Ladies work suits are supposed to last. If you are wearing it 9-5 for a whole day you want it to stay looking as good as when first put it on. Which is why we recommend choosing a high-quality fabric for your suite which will look great from start to finish despite long wear.

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